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Our firm is proud to provide its services in various areas of specialization to companies and entities from around the world looking to resolve their legal needs and requirements in Mexico.

We assist our clients only in such areas in which we have proven expertise and in which we can deliver the highest quality and the most knowledgeable advice.

aviation law

Aviation Law

Q: Or is it Air Law? How can you obtain the most of the international liability regimes while you operate to Mexico? How do you obtain traffic rights? Do you need approval for a code share agreement? What are the limitations imposed by the bilateral agreements that Mexico has signed? What are the requirements that you must meet to operate in this country? How are the rights of passengers regulated in the increasingly complex environment in which aviation is immerse? What is the future of bilateralism? Will national ownership disappear? Will open skies become the future of aviation? Will Mexico ever develop a consistent aviation policy?...

A: We are highly trained in this very unique specialization. Our understanding of public and private aviation law is thorough. For 14 years we have assisted many major airlines and other participants in their flight through the Mexican regulatory system.

Aircraft finance & leasing

Q: Will Cape Town allow you to recover your assets faster? How can you be certain that you can enforce your rights in Mexico? How long it will take? What provisions should you include in the text of your lease? What are the tax implications that can result from the leasing of aircraft or from the transfer of title of the same? How do you access the IR for aircraft of Mexican registry? Can you safely allow your aircraft to be registered in Mexico?...

A: We are the firm that represents the highest number of lessors and commercial aircraft owners in Mexico. We represent seven of the top ten commercial aircraft lessors in the world. We have drafted and negotiated all documents involved in the purchase and lease of commercial and executive aircraft. Our firm advised the DGAC in the implementation of the Mexican Registry’s procedures as an access point to the International Registry. We have formed a working group for the implementation of the registry aspects of the Cape Town convention in Mexico serving as the link with the International Registry Advisory Board.

Litigation Arbitration & mediation

Q: How does the Mexican civil law system work? Will a Mexican court be fair and expeditious? How can you mitigate your losses? What is the best strategy to enforce your rights and protect your assets? Can you take steps to prevent a difficult repossession experience? Can you recover the debt? How can you defend your rights in a concurso mercantil? Can you become affected by labor claims? What is an Amparo?...

A: We have repossessed more than 35 large commercial aircraft from defaulting airlines in Mexico, simply no other firm in this country has recovered more aircraft than us. In all cases we have recovered the assets promptly and to the full satisfaction of our clients. Our experience has allowed us to provide preventive advice which our clients have made part of their contracts. We have adviced our clients through major international arbitration proceedings. Our practice includes commercial, civil, labor, concurso mercantil litigation and administrative proceedings.

Other areas of expertise

We have adviced our clients in the compliance of competition law rules before the Federal Economic Competition Commission, providing thorough advice of the applicable law to prevent monopolistic practices, to notify concentrations and to review potential sanctions and how to prevent illicit competition behavior by employees and executives.

We have worked in the telecommunications field as for several years we represented all of the major telephone carriers by conducting the role of executive secretary to the Long Distance Service Operators Committee; our training also includes the understanding of satellite communications being capable of preparing agreements for the use of band space in space satellites, remote sensing and liability in space law.

We have represented clients involved in large real estate transactions both on behalf of sellers and buyers, being able to protect the rights of foreign owners of property in Mexico either directly or through trust mechanisms in which ownership is restricted and to prevent adverse tax law consequences.

We conduct day to day work for the compliance of requirements and regulations before the Ministry of Defense for the highly regulated manufacture of explosives for the mining industry, we have also dealt with several other entities to resolve all aspects of administrative law. We continuously conduct work for the compliance with immigration law regulations by our clients and in providing advice for the adequate compliance of requirements of customs law.

Corporate Law, Joint Ventures, M&A, Foreign Investment and Corporate Governance

Q: How do you want to do business in Mexico? Should you open a branch or a subsidiary? What are the different forms in which a company can be conformed? How can you adequately protect your interests in the articles of incorporation? What are the limitations to foreign investment participation and in which areas? What are your corporate, tax, labor and corporate obligations? How do you conduct a shareholders meeting? How do you delegate your capacities? Is there any specific corporate governance regulation?...

A: We have advised many companies throughout the years, both aviation related and not, in the understanding and compliance of their corporate rights and obligations in Mexico. We have provided creative advice to worldwide companies with several subsidiaries, employees, manufacturing facilities and complex corporate structures.





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