January 2009

  • Aircraft Repossessions. (second delivery of two)
    by Carlos Sierra
  • The Latest Amendment to the Mexican Code of Commerce Applicable to the Rules for Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Mexican Territory.
    by Antonio Vázquez


February 2009

  • Cape Town Seminar London March 18, 2009. (Invitation)
  • Aircraft Leasing Companies are Afraid of Mexican Companies. (Interview)
  • Competition Policies Applicable to Airport Services.
    by Viridiana Barquín
  • Navigation Assistance Services and use of theMexican Air Space.
    by Misael Arellano


March 2009

  • The Montreal Convention of 1999 and the Rights of the Passengers within the Mexican Legal System.
    by Juan Antonio Tiscareño
  • Navigation Assistance Services and use of the Mexican Air Space. 3rd article
    by Misael Arellano


April 2009

  • Applicability of the Cape Town during insolvency proceedings.A brief point in favor of Alternative A
    by Viridiana Barquín
  • Effects of Pre-Strike or Strike Actions in Mexico.
    by Antonio Vázquez


May 2009

  • Antitrust Implications of Intercarrier Alliances.
    by Viridiana Barquín
  • The New Federal Law of Extinction of Ownership.
    by Antonio Tiscareño


June 2009

  • The Cancellation of Flights and Denied Boarding because of Security and Health issues.
    by Misael Arellano
  • Alternative Solutions to the Serving of Notices resultant froma California Court Resolution regarding Process Agents.
    by Alejandra Llopis


July 2009

  • Restructure and Enforcement of Rights – The Transaction Agreement under Mexican Law.
    by Carlos Sierra
  • AVIACSA: The Never Ending Story. An Example of the Legal Defense through the Amparo Process.
    by Antonio Vázquez


August 2009

  • Documenting a Transaction Agreement by Means of Public Instrument or Judicial Agreement.
    by Viridiana Barquín
  • The “Extinction of Ownership” and its Consequences.
    by Juan Antonio Tiscareño


September 2009

  • The Always Winding Way: The Aviation Registry.
    by Misael Arellano
  • Renegotiation: How Aircraft Lessors Can Make the Best Out of the Worst?
    by Kendra Medina


October 2009

  • The Creation of the Registry of Guarantees of Mobile Equipment.
    by Juan Antonio Tiscareño
  • COFEMER vs. DGAC. Proceeding irregularities and flaws under Mexican Law.
    by Svein Azcué and Alejandro Lavat


November 2009

  • Legal Implications of Aircraft Acquisition and Lease by the Mexican Government.
    by Viridiana Barquín
  • The Legal Effect of a Strike Over Property of Third Parties: Deposit or Attachment of Assets?
    by Antonio Vázquez


December 2009

  • The International Registry of Air Operator Certificates (AOC) Project.
    by Misael Arellano
  • Customs Rules on the Temporary Importation Regime of Aircraft into Mexico.
    by Alejandra Llopis





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