January 2010

  • Dream of Generations…. 100 years of Mexican Aviation
    by Carlos Sierra
  • Transfer of Property Rights of Leased AircraftTemporarily Imported into Mexico: a VAT Tax Perspective.
    by Kendra Medina
  • December NEWS on Mexican aviation


February 2010

  • The Approval of Foreign Air Operator Certificates (AOC)
    by Misael Arellano
  • Insolvency Proceedings: The Ranking and Payment of Creditors.
    by Juan Antonio Tiscareño
  • January NEWS on Mexican aviation


March 2010

  • Mediation in Mexico: A New Method of Solving Disputes.
    by Antonio Vázquez
  • Low Cost?
    by Svein Azcué
  • February NEWS on Mexican aviation


April 2010

  • Expedited Arbitration Procedures in Mexico.
    by Viridiana Barquín
  • Brief Analysis Regarding Insolvency Proceedings in Mexicoand Bankruptcy Proceedings in the United States.
    by Alejandra Llopis
  • March NEWS on Mexican aviation


May 2010

  • Maintenance Reserves and Bankruptcy under Mexican Law.
    by Kendra Medina
  • Exploring “Jurisdiction” in Mexico.
    by Alejandro Lavat
  • April NEWS on Mexican aviation


June 2010

  • The new OECD Aircraft Sector Understanding of 2007, a guiding light for the adequate adoption of Cape Town.
    by Carlos Sierra
  • Amendments to the Antitrust Law
    by Juan Antonio Tiscareño
  • May NEWS on Mexican aviation


July 2010

  • The Latest Amendment to the Civil Code of Mexico City which incorporates the Improvidence Theory in the Contracts.
    by Antonio Vázquez
  • Labor Court Criteria Regarding Third Party Assets.
    by Svein Azcué
  • June NEWS on Mexican aviation


August 2010

  • The “Carbon Market” a New International Business Aternative.
    by Viridiana Barquí
  • Issues with “Self-Determinable” duties.
    by Misael Arellano
  • July NEWS on Mexican aviation


September 2010

  • Protection to Creditors and Debtors under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Proceedings.
    by Alejandra Llopis
  • Invalidated contractual provisions that limit access to justice in insolvency proceedings.
    by Juan Antonio Tiscareño
  • August NEWS on Mexican aviation


October 2010

  • FAA and the IASA Program: Indirect Enforcement of the International Standards on Passenger Air Transport Safety
    by Alejandro Lavat
  • The Impact of Mexico’s classification as a Category 2 Country under FAA’s International Aviation Safety Assessment Program.
    by Kendra Medina
  • September NEWS on Mexican aviation


November 2010

  • The New Mexican Aviation.
    by Carlos Sierra
  • The Interlocutory Injunctions in the Mexican Insolvency Proceeding (Concurso Mercantil).
    by Antonio Vázquez


December 2010

  • Ownership Rights on Aircraft Maintenance Reserves.
    by Kendra Medina
  • The Fascination of Flight.
    by Svein Azcué
  • BREAKING NEWS: Mexico is returned to Category 1 by the FAA.





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