January 2011

  • Enforcement of court orders and changes needed in the legal framework.
    by Juan Antonio Tiscareño
  • Rights and Responsibilities of Passengers in Aviation Transport Service.
    by Alejandra Llopis
  • December NEWS on Mexican aviation


February 2011

  • Mexican Export Certificate of Airworthiness: A Certificate that is not valid for the Operation of the Aircraft.
    by Misael Arellano
  • Creditor’s rights in the Credit Recognition Process.
    by Alejandro Lavat
  • January NEWS on Mexican aviation


March 2011

  • Lessons from Mexicana and Applied Solutions, A summary.
    by Carlos Sierra
  • Important Procedural Reform to the Commerce Code.
    by Antonio Vazquez
  • February NEWS on Mexican aviation


April 2011

  • Deregistration and Exportation from Mexico of Repossessed Aircraft from Bankrupt Airlines.
    by Kendra Medina
  • Separatory Claims within a Bankruptcy Procedure.
    by Svein Azcué
  • March NEWS on Mexican aviation


May 2011

  • Efforts to update anti corruption legislation in Mexico
    by Juan Antonio Tiscareño
  • Aviation Biofuels
    by Alejandra Llopis
  • April NEWS on Mexican aviation


June 2011

  • The Air Services Agreement between the European Union and Mexico: A Coup de Grace to the Mexican International Operators?
    by Misael Arellano
  • United States Registration of Aircraft under Ownership Trust Agreements.
    by Samantha Garnica, Vera García and Jessi Saba
  • May NEWS on Mexican aviation


July 2011

  • Registry of Guarantees on Mobile Assets
    by Svein Azcué
  • Procedure to register a Mobile Guarantee upon the RUG
    by Alejandro Lavat
  • June NEWS on Mexican aviation


August 2011

  • The Protocol to the Cape Town Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment on Matters Specific to Railway Rolling Stock, A brief comparison exercise…
    by Carlos Sierra
  • FAA Public Meeting Regarding Ownership Trusts Agreements and Aircraft Registration.
    by Alejandra Llopis
  • July NEWS on Mexican aviation


September 2011

  • Important Constitutional Amendments to the Mexican Amparo
    by Antonio Vázquez
  • Is a Paperless Aviation Industry in Mexico Possible from A Legal Stand-Point?
    by Kendra Medina
  • Regulation of the Rail Industry in Mexico.
    by Samantha Garnica
  • August NEWS on Mexican aviation


October 2011

  • New criteria adopted by the Supreme Court of Justice in regards to the application of the Constitution and International Treaties by ordinary judges.
    by Juan Antonio Tiscareño
  • Canada Reached an Expanded Air Transport Agreement with Mexico.
    by Misael Arellano
  • Identification of Railway Rolling Stock and Registration under the International Registry.
    by Jessi Saba
  • September NEWS on Mexican aviation


November 2011

  • Aeronautical Equipment by Type of Service and Relevant Characteristics.
    by Viridiana Barquín
  • Aircraft Dismantling, Recycling and Crushing. in Mexico
    by Alejandro Lavat
  • October NEWS on Mexican aviation


December 2011

  • Parts Manufacturer Approval.
    by Svein Azcué
  • The Rail Industry’s Environmental Impact.
    by Roberto Nájera
  • November NEWS on Mexican aviation





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