January 2012

  • Registration of Short Form Aircraft Lease Agreements before the Mexican Aviation Registry.
    by Alejandra Llopis
  • Relevant aspects of Know Your Customer.
    by Vera García
  • December NEWS on Mexican aviation


February 2012

  • Cancellation of use of Federation’s Public Property and Services Provided by the State. Seneam and Immigration’s Matter.
    by Misael Arellano
  • January NEWS on Mexican aviation


March 2012

  • The Wassenar Arrangement.
    by Carlos Sierra
  • Legal and Regulatory Aspects of the Aeronautical Manufacturing Industry in Mexico.
    by Kendra Medina
  • February NEWS on Mexican aviation


April 2012

  • The Credit Crunch and its Implications on Aircraft Financing
    by Viridiana Barquín
  • The Air Operator Certificate (AOC).
    by Alejandro Lavat
  • March NEWS on Mexican aviation


May 2012

  • Proposed Policy Clarification by the FAA regarding the use of Non-U.S.-Citizen Trusts.
    by Alejandra Llopis
  • April NEWS on Mexican aviation


June 2012

  • Priority Dilemma of Publicly Registered Rights and Interests on Aircraft Objects in Mexico.
    by Kendra Medina
  • Approval decree of the agreement on certain aspectsof air services between the European Union and Mexico.
    by Misael Arellano
  • May NEWS on Mexican aviation


July 2012

  • Obligations of a Judicial Depositary of an Aircraft in a Commercial Proceeding.
    by Juan Antonio Tiscareño
  • June NEWS on Mexican aviation


August 2012

  • Applicability of taxes resultant from the transfer of title or the delivery of the right of use and enjoyment of an aircraft.
    by Carlos Sierra
  • Washington Protocol: Minimum Requirements that a Power of Attorney must have to be effective at the moment to use it abroad.
    by Roberto Najera
  • July NEWS on Mexican aviation


September 2012

  • Passenger Name Record
    by Alejandro Lavat
  • August NEWS on Mexican aviation


October 2012

  • Are concessions for the provision of Public Air Transport Service subject to mortgage?
    by Vera García
  • The Space Protocol.
    by Jessi Saba
  • September NEWS on Mexican aviation


November 2012

  • Modification to the Mexican Norm, which states technical requirements to be observed by Air Carriers operating in Mexico
    by Misael Arellano
  • October NEWS on Mexican aviation


December 2012

  • Summary of events that impacted the Aviation Industry during the period of Felipe Calderon as President of the United Mexican States.
    by Viridiana Barquín
  • The most important amendment to México’s Labor Law since 1970.
    by Antonio Vázquez
  • November NEWS on Mexican aviation





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