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We believe in high quality
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High quality legal advice, equivalent to such in the most sophisticated legal services markets. We want you to realize that Mexico is equipped with world-class legal advisors who are willing and able to represent your business carefully, professionally, quickly, and with an in-depth and insightful knowledge of the law.

The ability and training of our lawyers and staff is paramount. We are deeply proud to be the standard bearer of aeronautical law in Mexico.

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What We Do

Areas of expertise

Our firm is proud to provide its services in various areas of specialization to companies and entities from
around the world looking to resolve their legal needs and requirements in Mexico.

Aviation law

Our understanding of public and private aviation law is thorough.

Aircraft finance & Leasing

We are the firm that represents the highest number of lessors and commercial aircraft owners in Mexico.

Litigation, Arbitration & Mediation

We have repossessed more than 35 large commercial aircraft from defaulting airlines in Mexico.

Corporate Law, Joint Ventures, M&A, Foreign Investment and Corporate Governance

We advise both aeronautical and non-aeronautical companies, in the understanding and fulfillment of their social rights and obligations in Mexico.

Other areas of expertise

We conduct day to day work for the compliance of requirements and regulations before the Ministry of Defense for the highly regulated manufacture of explosives for the mining industry

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