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Mexico’s air navigation systems remained untouched by Microsoft’s recent crash, which caused havoc across the globe, affecting banks, airlines, shopping malls, and hospitals. The Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications, and Transport (SICT) confirmed that Mexico’s air navigation systems were not compromised and are operational. The reason for this was that the systems in Mexico used proprietary tools and systems that are protected against external interference, unlike the affected Microsoft software. However, Mexican and foreign airlines operating in Mexico and worldwide were impacted by the computer outage. In response, the SICT activated security protocols and the Mexican Airspace Navigation Services to assist affected airlines. 

Passenger delays occurred due to check-in, documentation, and boarding processes being delayed as a result of the computer failure. To address this, the SICT advised passengers to arrive earlier at the airport as check-in and documentation were being done manually. The Secretariat and the Federal Civil Aviation Agency (AFAC) also expedited flight clearances to minimize cancellations and inconvenience to users.

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Flights at Cancun International Airport were cancelled due to a global failure in Microsoft’s operating system caused by the cybersecurity tool CrowdStrike. This failure affected multiple airlines worldwide, including those in Quintana Roo. The airport’s Emergency Operations Center confirmed the cancellation of several arrivals and departures, as well as delays in other flights. The exact duration of the disruptions is unknown.

Cancun International Airport assured that its own systems were not directly affected, unlike other parts of the country and the world. Mexican Airspace Navigation Services also stated that there were no affectations to their air navigation systems. Microsoft users worldwide reported problems that impacted banks, airlines, and media outlets. The downtime affected access to Microsoft 365 applications and services. CrowdStrike, the cybersecurity firm involved, clarified that the issues were not the result of a cyberattack or security incident.


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The government plan of Claudia Sheinbaum, Mexico's virtual president, aims to provide the Mexican Airspace Navigation Services (Seneam) with the necessary resources for its operation towards 2032. To achieve this, the government is focusing on projects that can generate greater income from the use of Mexican airspace, including attracting air operations from the highly congested airspace of the United States. Specifically, the government wants to capture routes such as the Honolulu-Miami flight, which could avoid a restricted area over the Pacific Ocean, and the Los Angeles-Miami flight, which could fly through Mexican airspace. 
To support these initiatives, the Government has developed the CIIFRA project, which aims to implement direct routes in the north of Mexico to take advantage of the congested flow of the southern United States. Additionally, Seneam is conducting analysis for the implementation of an Air Traffic Management System (ATFM), which would improve airport capacity and reduce delays. These plans involve training personnel and making significant investments by the government.

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The Mexican Transport Institute (IMT) suggests transferring official operations from the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) to the Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA) to increase the airport’s capacity from 43 to 61 commercial operations per hour. It is recommended to move important official hangars, such as the presidential hangar and those of the Ministry of Defense and other institutions, to AIFA. The IMT also recommends remodeling or modernizing AICM’s passenger terminals to create more space.

Cargo operations have already been moved out of AICM to free up space. The plans to build Terminal 3 at AICM aim to avoid disruptions in operations during the upgrade of the other terminals. The next federal administration aims to enhance the use of the country’s airport network, with a focus on the demand for air services in the center of the country. The future outlook for the airline industry is promising, driven by factors such as tourism, trade, free trade agreements like T-MEC, and nearshoring.


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Boeing has agreed to plead guilty to criminal fraud conspiracy and pay a $243.6 million fine as part of a settlement with the U.S. Justice Department over the 737 Max crashes. The plea agreement, which needs approval from a judge, comes after federal prosecutors gave Boeing the option to plead guilty or face trial on felony charges. The settlement also includes an additional $243.6 million fine, investment of at least $455 million in compliance and safety programs, and three years of surveillance and independent monitoring.

 The agreement also requires Boeing’s board of directors to meet with the families of the crash victims. However, the settlement has faced criticism from the families, who seek a trial and harsher financial consequences for Boeing. The company had previously reached a settlement in 2021, but this new settlement comes after the Justice Department found the company had breached its commitments. In addition to the settlement with the Justice Department, Boeing also agreed to pay a $200 million fine to the Securities and Exchange Commission for misleading statements about the safety of the 737 Max.


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IATA reported a 14.7% increase in total air cargo demand in May compared to May 2023
, marking the sixth consecutive month of double-digit growth. Capacity increased by 6.7% year-on-year. The surge in demand was driven by trade growth, the e-commerce boom, and maritime transport constraints.

Future growth remains positive but faces challenges from stricter U.S. conditions on e-commerce deliveries from China. In May, the global manufacturing PMI and new export orders indicated expansions of 52.6% and 50.4%. Inflation was mixed, with rates falling in the EU and Japan but rising in the U.S. and remaining near zero in China.

North American airlines saw an 8.7% year-on-year increase in air cargo demand, with the Asia-North America route growing by 12.0% and North America-Europe by 8.9%. Latin American carriers experienced a 12.7#aviation% demand increase, with capacity up 8.0%. European carriers saw a 17.2% increase, with intra-European cargo rising by 25.6%.

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We are pleased to announce that on Wednesday, July 3, Sierra LATAM was in attendance at the race of the attorney. 

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The Mexico City International Airport (AICM) has awarded Grupo Constructor Pirámide (GCP) a contract worth 290 million 213,816 pesos to rehabilitate the Bravo taxiway. The purpose of this project is to improve the efficiency of aircraft transit through the airport. The contract was announced on June 28, after three delays, and the work is scheduled to last for 305 days starting on July 9. The construction will be carried out in sections to avoid disrupting air operations. 

The bidding process attracted 10 technical and economic proposals. The tasks involved in the project include demolishing or cutting asphalt concrete binder, excavation, constructing layers with different materials, supplying and placing high-density polyethylene, and constructing and placing ready-mixed concrete slabs with steel structures.




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