Our Areas of


Our firm is proud to provide its services in various areas of aviation specialization.

We assist our clients in such areas in which we have proven expertise and in which we can deliver the highest quality and the most knowledgeable advice. We approach each case with sophistication, leveraging our deep understanding of aviation law and regulations to provide innovative and effective legal solutions.

Aviation Law & Regulatory Compliance

We provide comprehensive solutions to regulatory and operational aspects of aviation law. We serve the most reputable air cariers of the world among other related companies and service providers.

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Aircraft & other Assets Finance & Leasing

We are the firm that represents the highest number of lessors and commercial aircraft equipment owners in Mexico.

With Sierra LATAM we intend to expand our service to these clients throughout the region.

Sierra LATAM has also been an active participant and member of the Aviation Working Group’s Executive Committee to the Legal Advisory Panel. Carlos Sierra chaired the group for two years. Sierra LATAM’s involvement means that it is aware of recent developments in the air finance and leasing world, and part of a high-level educational materials and guides for CTC practitioner’s, judges, and Civil Aviation authorities worldwide. In addition, Sierra LATAM provides the secretariat secondment to AWG. An on-going secondment that has been running for over 10 years.

Litigation, Arbitration & Mediation

Over 30 years, Sierra LATAM has repossessed more than 300 commercial aircraft and other aircraft equipment from defaulting airlines in Mexico, all varying in legal complexity and specific circumstances.

In all cases we have recovered the assets promptly and to the full satisfaction of our clients.

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Other Areas of Expertise

We have adviced our clients in the compliance of competition law rules before the Federal Economic Competition Commission, providing thorough advice of the applicable law to prevent monopolistic practices, to notify concentrations and to review potential sanctions and how to prevent illicit competition behavior by employees and executives.

We have worked in the telecommunications field as for several years we represented all of the major telephone carriers by conducting the role of executive secretary to the Long Distance Service Operators Committee; our training also includes the understanding of satellite communications, being capable of preparing agreements for the use of band space in space satellites, remote sensing and liability in space law.

We have represented clients involved in large real estate transactions both on behalf of sellers and buyers, being able to protect the rights of foreign owners of property in Mexico either directly or through trust mechanisms in which ownership is restricted and to prevent adverse tax law consequences.

We have conducted day-to-day work ensuring compliance with requirements and regulations for the Ministry of Defense regarding the highly regulated manufacture of explosives for the mining industry. We have also dealt with several other entities to resolve various administrative law issues. Additionally, we have continuously provided our clients with support in complying with immigration law regulations and have advised them on proper fulfillment of customs law requirements.

Corporate Law, Joint Ventures, M&A, Foreign Investment and Corporate Governance

We have advised many companies throughout the years, both aviation related and not, in the understanding and compliance of their corporate rights and obligations in Mexico. We have provided creative advice to worldwide companies with several subsidiaries, employees, manufacturing facilities and complex corporate structures.